Frequently Asked Questions


How does Tickless/SonicGuard work?

What provides the effectiveness of the Tickless/SonicGuard devices?

How can I activate the Tickless/SonicGuard device?

Is the Tickless/SonicGuard device waterproof?

What radius does it cover?

Is it safe for babies and pregnant women?

Do humans or animals hear the ultrasonic pulses that Tickless/SonicGuard technology works with?

Does it contain any dangerous ingredients?

Can Tickless/SonicGuard cause any illnesses?

Can Tickless/SonicGuard cause behavioural changes, e.g. somnolence?

Should I take break during use Tickless/SonicGuard?

Is it safe to use for people or animals who have epilepsy?

May it interfere with any other electronics stuff in my household?

How long does it take for the device to start working effectively?

Does it always have to be on my pet?

What if i see a crawling tick on my dog?

What happens if I see a crawling Tick on myself or the dog, while wearing the device?

Is it okay to have the device in my pocket or under my dog's jacket?

Does it protect my and my pet's whole body?

Is it enough to wear the device on my dog's collar only for walks?

What does the red light indicate when I press it?

Where shall I put Tickless/SonicGuard when I go outside?

What if my dog is allergic to certain types of flea collars? Will he be allergic to SonicGuard too?

Can the ultrasonic waves pass through the walls?

The led light is disturbing me. Can I put a sticker on it?


Do you ship to every states in the US?

Do you ship worldwide?

Payment and Return Policy

What payment methods can I use?

Is it safe for me to pay with my credit/debit card?


How much warranty do I have after my purchase?

I like the SonicGuard products. How can I become a reseller?

Become an Affiliate Partner

I have a WebShop or a Physical Store

I would like to have a Private Label product