5 Misbeliefs about fleas and 1 solution against them

Fleas are blood-sucking parasites that live on mammals feed on their blood. These parasites live around us and jump on the animals near to them. Fleas are bad for you and your pet because these parasites could cause illnesses, skin irritation and the scratching caused by their bite is very painful. Massive flea infection could cause serious problems and anemia is one of the most dangerous side effects that fleas can cause.

But there are some misbeliefs in connection with these parasites! 

  1. Pets Have to Go Outside to Get Fleas:

Do you think that because you have an indoor pet, you don’t have to worry about fleas? Nope, it’s not true. Even a pet who never goes outside can end up getting fleas. These pesky little parasites can still get into your home by hitching a ride on your clothing, other people or other animals.

  1. I Don’t Need to Worry About Fleas During Winter:

Although fleas do prefer warm weather, your cozy house provides the perfect environment for the parasites to thrive in during the colder months. It is true, that freezing temperatures might kill some of them off but not the ones that are sheltered in nests, burrows and your living room.

  1. Keeping My House Clean Prevents Fleas:

Vacuum and scrub all you want, but it takes just one flea to sneak in for a parasite invasion to begin. And once you have a flea infestation in your home, you won’t be able to clean quickly enough to keep up with the fast-multiplying insects, which can lay 40 to 50 eggs a day, unless you treat your pet.

  1. Once Fleas Are Off My Pet, the Problem Is Solved:

Not so fast. Your pet might not have any more fleas, but the adult fleas that feed on animals are only 5 percent of the problem. It is complicated and takes a long time to extinguish fleas from your home because of the 95% which are living in your environment in different life stages, so prevention is the most important! Use alternative flea controls to keep fleas away, TICKLESS Home is one of them. This ultrasonic device ensures that your pet remains protected even if your pet is not wearing any pendants at home. Just plug in the device and it will disturb ticks and fleas in any environment where it is installed, covering a space as big as 320 square feet. It is non-toxic and does not use or release any chemical substances or odors, making it safe to use even for young, elderly, ill or pregnant pets.

  1. My Pet Isn’t Scratching, So He Doesn’t Have Fleas:

Although scratching is the No. 1 sign of fleas in cats and dogs, even if your pet is not itching, biting or chewing at his skin excessively, he could still have fleas. And itchy skin isn’t the only concern: Fleas can pass on other parasites and diseases like tapeworm and cat-scratch disease. A flea infestation is not something any pet or person should have to suffer through.

Take this information seriously and try to get rid of fleas or prevent them when you can!

How can I avoid flea problems?
Most flea problems can be managed by treating and preventing fleas on your dog. It is important to keep in mind that flea problems may be different from pet to pet or between households, and each problem may require a special method of control.
We recommend using the chemical-free TICKLESS Classic Pet Tick&Flea repellent devices to prevent fleas jumping on your furry friend!

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