Improvements in our brand's life

Improvements in our brand's life


Over the past ten years, our company has grown tremendously and for now, our development has reached the level where we need to become a global brand.

SonicGuard Tickless

Our SonicGuardUSA products will take the name of TicklessUSA® which is the most knows tick repellent in Europe, Asia, and South America. Our ultrasonic devices are still the same, with the same packages, but with the different brand names. Because of the strategic decision of our company, ProtectONE Inc., our SonicGuardUSA brand will take the name of TicklessUSA® from 12nd of February 2020. This step is indispensable and was made to help us and our distribution partners. The TicklessUSA name tells more about the product just by itself and it will improve the marketing efficiency, it can make the communication easier. Our packages will be the same, but with the different brand names.

SonicGuard Tickless tick and flea repel

TICKLESS® is the No.1 European non-toxic parasite repeller, stretching over 42 countries in five continents. We always strive for innovation, that is why our company started a large manufacturing development in 2016 in order to be able to create more advanced products for our partners. We love what we do, and we believe in our product’s effectiveness as well as its success. This differentiates us from our competitors. Direct contact with our customers is a way of thinking and moving forward. But we always cooperate with our partners to see their ideas and suggestions for the future. 

Tickless SonicGuard

Tickless is know all over the World, we are so glad to say that there are people who came for exhibitions or fairs just to meet with us. It is incredible!

We would like to retain your trust in SonicGuardUSA; therefore, nothing will change except for the name. We still have the 94% efficiency against ticks and our dedication to our products is bigger than ever!

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