International Design Award won by Tickless Mini

International Design Award won by Tickless Mini

Our Tickless Mini products -designed for small dogs and cats- won this year’s BigSEE Awards in the Product Design category, becoming one of the most well-known parasite repellents in the market.

It is a great honor to be awarded with our product in such a prestigious international competition.

BigSEE, which was founded by Zavod Big, is a creative industry organization, covering 19 European countries, and has been rewarding innovative ideas in seven creative categories since 2018. In judging the award, the organization researches and selects the most creative ideas in the region in close cooperation with the leadership and representation of the participating countries. In the history of the award, Tickless was the first to be awarded in the field of pet health.

Špela Valenčič, the competition coordinator, commented on the award: “The jury will evaluate the products received on the basis of ergonomic, aesthetic, ethical, and ecological aspects as well as the appearance of the cultural identity of Southeast Europe. The committee was impressed by the clean, minimalist design of the Tickless Mini, which is often an undeservedly neglected factor in the design of similar devices. We awarded the product for its environmental role, safety, efficiency, and chemical-free status.

ProtectONE’s goal is to offer the best ultrasonic tick&flea repellents on the market and with the Tickless Mini line, we went further.
We wanted to design a product that is not only efficient but stylish as well.
A few years ago, we understood that our customers have an eye for fashion and are also looking for trendy products. At that time, the Tickless Mini was born.
We introduced the new lines of Tickless products which are efficient, stylish, rechargeable, and useful thanks to its design and extra functions such as the nightlight function.

Listening to our customers and putting the hard work into creating new products is our goal and as it turns out, the market and decision-makers of precious awards like BigSEE welcome these efforts.

We are looking forward to keeping up providing the best ultrasonic repellents on the market and we believe that you, as our partners can also benefit from these positive evaluations.

Let us know what you think about it or you have any questions!

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