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TICKLESS® Horse - Chemical-free, ultrasonic tick repellent for horses

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Environmentally friendly, and contains no chemicals or fragrances.

Your horse deserves the best, and that means no harmful chemicals. TICKLESS® Horse uses ultrasonic technology to keep ticks at bay while being gentle on your loyal companion. Ticks should never get in the way of your majestic equestrian journeys. With TICKLESS® Horse, your horse can roam freely, unburdened by tick worries.

By fastening the easy-to-use, tiny device onto the horse’s tack, parasites can be kept away for at least 6 months, leaving you and your horse free to enjoy nature. TICKLESS® Horse operates in complete silence, ensuring a peaceful riding experience for both you and your horse. No distractions, just pure serenity.

It is non-toxic and does not use or release any chemical substances or odors, making it safe to use even for foals, and sick, or pregnant horses also.

The device emits ultrasonic pulses that are imperceptible to humans and animals, but disturb ticks, thus keeping them away.

TICKLESS® technology underwent rigorous testing and was proven effective by a clinical study at the School of Veterinary Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Laboratory at the University of Camerino, Italy.

  • 94% efficiency against ticks
  • Chemical and fragrance-free
  • Safe to use even for young, elderly, ill, or pregnant horses
  • Operating range is 2 meter
  • Scientifically proven
  • All-season long protection
  • Preventive solution

Attention: At normal temperatures, the device can keep parasites away for at least 6 months after activation. To ensure its effectiveness, the device should remain affixed to the horse at all times. If you also wish to keep the stable free of ticks and fleas, use the TICKLESS® Home device. Effectiveness depends on the condition of the horse's fur, as well as the number of parasites present in the area. 100% protection is not guaranteed. Not suitable for removing ticks or fleas from horses that have already been infected.

In case of a technical malfunction, we offer a 6-month warranty for the unit.

"Started using this for my pooch a few years ago during
the summer season and I have never spotted another


"I live in heavily tick-infested northern Wisconsin and my dog
runs in a woody area daily. I was always pulling ticks off
her even with the most popular, vet-recommended flea and
tick product but not with this ultrasonic tag."


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